6.4. – Anarchistische Tage auch schon 14 Uhr im Madia!

Neben der Veranstaltung über das Bildungssystem um 18 Uhr (s.u.) gibt es nun schon eine Veranstaltung um 14 Uhr!
Die Veranstaltung ist auf Englisch, eine Flüsterübersetzung ist möglich.

Democracy, Anarchy and the Husby Riots Lecture with Markus Lundström, Stockholm University One of the largest police interventions in Swedish history took place in May 2013. It can be seen as the peak of an escalating conflict between police and people in the marginalized city district Husby.Interviews with community residents show how the Husby riots manifested a deep conflict, embedded in democracy itself: a conflict between governors and governed. In the book "Anarchist Critique of Radical Democracy: The Impossible Argument" (2018), social scientist Markus Lindström relates that conflict to the historical tension between democracy and anarchy. In this lecture he will present his research on the Husby Riots and its relation to the role of democracy in the crooked history of anarchism.

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